Submissions to this page:

We welcome submissions to this page, providing they are relevent to church business or the United Church in general. This web page is a natural way to distribute meeting minutes, bulletins, calendars, notices and the like. I would particularly like Committee reports from both the Council level and the Official Board level for distribution.

Please email all submissions to my email address. By all means add my email address to your address book. I have disguised my email address to discourage spam:

maxward @ interhop. net

So that's 'maxward at interhop dot net'

If it's just text, copy and paste into an email and send it. If the document is in a Wordperfect, Word, or some other format, attach the document as a file. Pictures in email or on the Web should never be more than 100 kb (that's 0.1 MB). Please email me first with a message saying that you have some pictures and I will give you instructions on how to reduce them.





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